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Chameleons are amazing animals, and can make excellent pets. Before you buy one please read through this website before making your decision.
If you are thinking about getting a chameleon then we hope this website gives you all the information you need to make the right decision on whether to get one, we also hope it helps you make the right decision in which species to choose. No two chameleons are ever the same.
If and when you do decide to buy your Chameleon, make sure you do hours and hours of research, do not make this an impulse buy. There are some excellent websites and some fantastic forums available for you online, make sure you read up and ask plenty of questions. Although most stores will now supply you with a captive bred Chameleon, make sure you ask the question as taking care of wild caught Chameleon can in some cases lead to many problems, including parasites and diseases, not to mention the stress the animal may have endured during shipping.

About Chameleons

Ever wondered how or why a chameleon changes its colours ? We explain how chameleons use their eyes.
Learn more.


Plants and Decorations

Its important to know what plants are safe and what plants could potentially kill your Chameleon. We have a list of safe plants here.
Learn more.


Buying a Chameleon

First time buyers should probably read this page first. It could help you make the right choice in buying the perfect chameleon.
Learn more.

Chameleon Enclosures

See different types of chameleon houses. Wooden Vivariums, Plastic Mesh Flexariums, Aluminium Mesh and Glass Terrariums.
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Different species of Chameleon

There are over 180 different species of Chameleon in the world.  New species are being discovered so please keep checking back.
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Product Reviews

We show you many different products that can potentially help you to take better care of your chameleon.
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