Ambiky Chameleon or Furcifer Tuzetae

Ambiky Chameleon or Furcifer Tuzetae

Not much is known about Furcifer Tuzetae otherwise known as the Ambiky Chameleon. It is named after Biologist Odette Tuzet (1906-1976) of the University of Paris Laboratory in the Mediterranean (Eponym Dictionary of Reptiles). It’s listed in the IUCN Redlist as data deficient as there has only been one collected specimen (Wikipedia). The specimen was captured at Andrenalamivola in southwestern Madagascar in an arboreal setting and is assumed to live in large trees along the Mangoky River (Encyclopedia of Life).  Since only one specimen has been collected, there is insufficient data as to the extent of the population and is thus presumed to be very rare and in decline. There is no record of trade for this species and any trade will automatically be controlled under CITES Appendix II.


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