Bradypodion Caffer or Transkei Dwarf Chameleon

Bradypodion Caffer is a species of chameleon belonging to the genus Bradypodion (slow footed). Bradypodions are also collectively known as South African Dwarf Chameleons which places them south of the African continent. This species however is so far found only in lowland forests of Port St. Johns in the Pondoland region of South Africa within a radius of 1950 sq. km. (Encyclopedia of Life).

Bradypodion Caffer is identifiable through its pale brown or brown coloring with white mottling. Its casque points backwards and up and large flattened spines on the dorsal crest. This species is also ovoviparous or live-bearing (Chameleon Forums). Bradypodion Caffer is known by two other names: Transkei Dwarf Chameleon or Pondo Dwarf Chameleon (Wikipedia). It is currently classified as endangered in the IUCN Redlist of Endangered Species because its range is less than 5000 sq. km. Its listing in CITES Appendix II also makes trade of this species illegal. 


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