Bradypodion Excubitor or Mt. Kenya Hornless Chameleon

Bradypodion Excubitor or rather Kinyongia Excubitor is a medium-size species of chameleon native to Kenya, thus its English name is the Mt. Kenya Hornless Chameleon (Bio-Ken Snake Farm). There is not much data on this species but based on internet images, its size is approximately 10cm. It is generally green, the head is without horns with a slightly raised casque at the back of its head and no gular nor ventral crest. It also has a dorsal crest where the scales gradually reduce in size towards the tail (Chameleon Forums).

Like the Kinyongia Carpenteri, the species was formerly assigned to Bradypodion but was later reassigned to Kinyongia (Wikipedia). This species live in montane forests in the mountains of Kenya.

There is currently no data regarding population and IUCN has no assessment (IUCN Redlist). There are also no CITES quotas for trade specified though there are rumors of illegal trade and harvesting for pets. This species is also rumored to be harvested as a cure for AIDS (iNaturalist).


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