Bradypodion Fischeri or Giant Fischer’s Chameleon

Bradypodion Fischeri or rather Kinyongia Fischeri is a horned chameleon species native to the Nguu and Nguru as well as the Usambara mountains in Tanzania Africa (Wikipedia). Its English name is Fischer’s Chameleon. It is a medium-size species which can grow from 30 to 32 cm ( Its distinguishing feature is the large rostral scale which can grow up to 2cm from its mouth. They also have unevenly distributed conical scales on their backs. Males can have various colors like various shades of green, yellow, gray, brown and black.

Captive specimens are described to be very active and can live for seven years or more. Based on several Pet Websites (, Luckyreptile), this species is subject to limited trading. However, as of May2014, CITES lists this species as of ‘urgent concern’. Kinyongia Matschiei, Kinyongia Vosseleri, and Kinyongia Multituberculata used to be considered as subspecies for Kinyongia Fischeri but have been elevated as separate species (Reptile Database / Wikipedia) though they are still referred to as Fischer’s Chameleons. True Kinyongia Fischeri are actually rare.



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