Bradypodion Fischeri Multituberculatum

Bradypodion Fischeri Multituberculatum
Bradypodion Fischeri Multituberculatum otherwise known as the Standard Fischer’s Chameleon or the Western Usambara Two Horned chameleon is a chameleon species endemic to the Usambara mountains in Tanzania (Chameleon News). This species has a small casque, a dorsal crest with uneven conical scales that reach up to the tail. Like other Kinyongia, it has horns or protrusions which grow from its nose. Like other Fischeri species, they also have long tails which is half of the length of the body. Unlike other horned chameleons, this species has a prominent dorsal crest. The males can grow up to 9.5 inches in length and females can grow up to 7.5 inches. The males have hemipenal bulges that differentiate them from females aside from their size. Males are also more colorful. Both genders have a greenish base color and the males can have yellow, white, bright green and even maroon patches on the sides of the body.

Bradypodion Fischeri Multituberculatum is also known as the Usambara Two-horned chameleon. Its scientific name has also been changed to Kinyongia multituberculata (Reptile Database). All Bradypodion Fischeri are listed in CITES Appendix II so importation of this species is closely monitored (Chameleon News).

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