Bradypodion Gutturale or Robertson Dwarf Chameleon

Like the Karoo Dwarf chameleon, Bradypodion Gutturale or the Robertson Dwarf Chameleon can be found in the Little Karoo region in the Western Cape, South Africa (Wikipedia). It’s a medium sized chameleon that can grow up to 15 cm in length. Unlike other dwarf chameleons that reside in forests, this can be found in shrubs and other fynbos vegetation. It’s also known as the Little Karoo Dwarf Chameleon.

This species is described to have a robust build and generally grey-olive in color. Bradypodion Gutturale has a pronounced casque and has conical spines from its back up to the tail and also has bright circular spots (lenticular tubercles) on both sides of the body. There is currently no information on numbers and nor conservation data for this species but its range goes as far from the Cederberg Mountains west to Unionsdale east. Due south, they occur at the Agulhas and Robertson plain, hence the name.

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