Bradypodion Tavetanum

Bradypodion tavetanum is a West African chameleon also known as Dwarf Fischer’s chameleon and reclassified as known as Kinyongia Tavetana. Its common English name is the Kilimanjaro two-horned chameleon. This species can be found as its last name suggests, in Mt. Kilimanjaro in Kenya but it can also be found in the Northern Pare Mountains in Tanzania. (Wikipedia).

This species averages up to 9.5 incles in length and can be seen in brown green and grey variants. Its distinctive feature which belongs to the males are two saw blade like protrusions or false horns on the nose. Females do not have this feature. Formerly named Bradypodion Tavertanum it has since been reclassified as Kinyongia tavetana. Its name comes from its habitat at the Taveta Woodlands of Mt. Kilimanjaro (




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