Bradypodion Tenue or Matschie’s Dwarf Chameleon

Bradypodion Tenue or Matschie’s Dwarf Chameleon is a small species of chameleon found in the Usambara Mountains of Tanzania in East Africa as well as the Shimba Hills in Kenya at an elevation of 1000ft above sea level. This species is arborial or purely forest dwellers (The Chameleon Site).

Bradypodion Tenue is distinguishable from other dwarf chameleons by their gray or brown coloration with some bright spots (The Chameleon Site). It has a slightly elevated casque and canthi rostrales that meet above the nostrils to form a rostral appendage present in male and female though this appendage is larger in males (Systemics of Bradypodion Tenue). They can grow up to 15 centimeters or 6 inches (Chamowners Web).





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