Jeweled Chameleon or Furcifer Campani

The Jeweled Chameleon, scientifically known as Furcifer Campani is one of the more attractive chameleon species. It’s a brightly colored species with a pale to dark green base color. Three light brown lateral stripes run along its body and its skin is dotted light blue all over. It has a dorsal crest made up of small protruding granules. Its English moniker is based on the bright red spots or jewels on its head while its scientific name is in honor of a French Madagascar resident Dominique Campan. Its genus Furcifer means forked feet. Furcifer Campani is a medium-sized chameleon which grows up to fourteen centimeters in length (Wikipedia).

This species is found in the central mountainous region of Madagascar along with other chameleon species. It lives in grassy savannahs high up the mountains from 6000 to 7500 feet above sea level and has a range of over 14,500 square kilometers from Ankaratra volcano to Andringitra National Park which is vast for most chameleon species. It’s a ground-based species and is often found is shrubs, heathland, mountain grass and sometimes in trees.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists the Jeweled Chameleon as a vulnerable species in its Red List. Its vulnerability stems from human encroachment of its habitat through hack, slash and burn agriculture. Its collection is banned (Arkive) but there are still specimens in captivity for sale bred from earlier captures.


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