Bradypodion Oxyrhinum or the Sharp-Nosed Chameleon

Bradypodion Oxyrhinum

Bradypodion Oxyrhinum or the Sharp-Nosed Chameleon is also a large size dwarf chameleon native to the Uluguru and Uzungwe Mountains of Tanzania, Africa. It’s also known as the Rednose Dwarf Chameleon (Encyclopedia of Life). This species males have a canthus rostralis which point forward that creates a false front or horn (Chamowner’s Web). The ‘horn’ may often be colored red hence the name.

Bradypodion Oxyrhinum can grow up to 16 centimeters (Wikipedia). It’s distinguishable via its low dorsally pointed casque and forward pointing canthus rostralis for males. Females are smaller than males with lower casques and duller colors (Chamowners Web). These reptiles are often colored whte, gray, brown and ocher. This species was first described quite recently in 1988.



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