yeman or veiled chameleon

Chamaeleo Chamaeleo calyptratus OR Veiled or Yemen Chameleon

The Yemen Chameleon otherwise known as the Veiled Chameleon or chamaeleo calyptratus is what can be considered a beginner’s species. They are known for being easier to care for due to the ruggedness of their native habitat. However, the term beginner should never be taken lightly when it comes to caring for chameleons. They are just easier to care for than other species.

This species of chameleon is found in the mountains of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen (Biotropics) which explains their more sturdy nature, less susceptible to slight temperature and humidity variations unlike their more tropical counterparts. They have a wide range and distribution and a sizeable population (due to a shorter reproductive cycle), but they are currently listed in CITES Appendix II which regulates the importation for this species but most trade comes from specimens bred in captivity.

The Yemen Chameleon is a large species, making it a sought after pet amongst lizard enthusiasts. Male chameleons can grow to as much as 24 inches from head to tail but average growth is up to 18 inches with the females being generally smaller. Their distinguishing feature is a large casque or a helmet-like ridge on their heads. The males are often bright pastel green colour with black and yellow stripes while female colours are not as vibrant. Male chameleons also have spurs on their hind legs not present in females. Yemen chameleons also last longer up to eight years for males (Smithsonian National Zoological Park).

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1) Main image supplied by Andrew Dunbar
2) Sub images supplied by Andrew Dunbar   

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