Welcome reptile enthusiasts! Here you will find a variety of useful chameleon resources, from care instructions to conservation status updates.

Species Information

  • Veiled Chameleon – Common pet species native to Yemen and Saudi Arabia.
  • Panther Chameleon – Colorful chameleon from Madagascar, known for its vivid patterns.
  • Jackson’s Chameleon – Tropical east African species with three distinct horns.

Husbandry Guides

Health & Anatomy

Conservation Status

  1. Chameleon Information Websites:
    • Adcham.com: An impressive chameleon site containing an extensive species database, research articles, and morph guides.
    • Chameleon Forums: A platform where chameleon enthusiasts discuss various topics related to chameleons, including enclosures, lighting, plants, water, humidity, food, nutrition, health care, and purchasing.
  2. Educational Content:
    • Chameleon Academy: A collection of courses that assume no prior knowledge of chameleons and guide individuals through the important steps towards a long, healthy life for their chameleons.
  3. Species-Specific Information:
    • University of Florida Publication: Provides detailed information on specific chameleon species, including the veiled chameleon, Oustalet’s chameleon, and panther chameleon. This resource offers insights into their biology, impacts, distribution, and characteristics.